OuttaManyOne is derived from Jamaica’s  national motto “Out of Many, One People” which embodies the many cultural identities that can be found here in the 876!

Jamaica, most famous for its music and athletes, is also home to many talented artisans and entrepreneurs.

This blog will provide personal reviews about items I have bought from local artisans and businesses  in an effort to Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica.

Excuses, excuses

I know, I know, it’s been a while. I was “too busy”, I had ” writer’s block”, “work has been very demanding”. I could go on with the list of excuses.

And then Likes by Chronixx starts to play “…dweet fi the love me nuh dweet fi the likes...”

A timely reminder that with my current talents and skills I shouldn’t write, sing, create because of how many people will like it (although it’s great when people like your work), but instead I do it because it is all I think about, it’s what I LOVE.

blog post 1

Lately I have been listening to a number of motivational speeches and regardless of the speaker there are a number of constants:

  • I am responsible for MY actions (including inaction, procrastination you get the drift)


  • If it were easy, everybody would be doing it! – How many times has the “easy” way looked appealing, where we justify our actions with even more excuses…”I’m too tired”, “I can do this tomorrow”. Fact is the journey will be hard, it will be challenging, it will be rough…like going to the gym, the first few weeks are torture but as each week passes you become fitter, leaner, stronger.


  • Just keep swimming – Think Finding Nemo or Finding Dory. Despite the disappointments, distractions, twists and turns, we must stay the course. JUST. KEEP. SWIMMING.just_keep_swimming_by_freyacbarber-d9y5dg9
  • It’s OKAY to ask for help – who would want to reinvent the wheel in 2017? With the advent of YouTube EVERYTHING is possible! And contrary to popular belief, there are persons out there who are willing to help.


  • Surround yourself with people of like mind – not just people with similar interests, but persons who share the same zest for creating opportunities, for making a difference, for nation building. My interactions to date have been educational


These days I’m making less excuses, instead I’m taking responsibility for my actions and inactions, I’m connecting with and learning from the experts and most importantly I’m doing it for the LOVE!


My little sister has often teased me about always being in school (and by often I mean constantly)!

I’m either learning something new or staying current. For me, going back to school is one way to keep the brain active, in addition to breaking the monotony of a traditional 9-5 job.

I do realize that not all jobs are created equal, and not every day will be the same, but after a while things become routine.

Sure going back to school can also cause additional stress: physically – especially after a long period of absence, financially and emotionally – those moments where you wonder what exactly have I gotten myself into.

At the end of the day (or months), you are equipped with a new skill, a new way of thinking, a new lease on life. For many, this new learning creates new opportunities that can lead to additional income – for which we are extremely grateful.

I recently completed an Advanced Diploma in Hair and Makeup at D’Marie Institute in Kingston. I remember signing up early and calling to find out when classes would start. I also remember working at an event, seeing Mrs. Dawn Marie Lindo (who I now refer to as Aunty Dawn) and asking about the course. I was that eager to start!

Nature Themed – Hair and Makeup by me

I started in January 2016, and midway through I had one of those emotional moments, where I thought I had committed a serious crime by attempting this course and my punishment was the coursework. It got worse when we moved on to hair because I was not a fan and although I recognised the importance of it I was not having it, I was a makeup artist, not a hair stylist! That was my daily excuse.


Fast forward to October 2016 and here are some things that have happened as a result of sticking to it and seeing it through:

  • I’ve made some amazing friends: THE BEST classmates ever Nicolina, Sara, Shellene and Stacy and THE BEST teacher ever Jodi!!!
  • I’ve worked on a set
  • I’ve taught a makeup course
  • I’ve been to make up workshops
With my classmates Shellene, Nicolina and Sara

D’Marie Institute is currently celebrating Seven Years of service, having produced some of Jamaica’s most talented makeup artists. To commemorate their years of existence there will be a thanksgiving service on October 23rd at Foursquare Gospel Church, FREE makeup workshops at the school and the icing on the cake GRADUATION!!!!!!!!


Just in case you were wondering, they are licensed with the Ministry of Education and accredited by City and Guilds of London. Current offering include hands on training in beauty, fashion, film, television and special effects makeup, by trained and experienced teachers actively working in the industry.

Registration is presently going on for the Level 2 City and Guilds Certificate in Skin Care and Makeup Artistry starting in November.


Final Presentation – Egyptian Royalty (Concept, Makeup, Hair, Body paint by me)
Final Presentation – Egyptian Royalty 



Fun Facts about my Experience:

My most memorable lesson: Professionalism, first impressions are lasting so it always pays to be the ultimate professional in both appearance and how we speak to people.

My favourite type of makeup: Glam and Fantasy

My least favourite type of makeup: Special Effects – I know its makeup, but it makes me queasy.

My most challenging lesson: HAIR!!!!

I must use this medium to say THANK YOU to the staff of D’Marie Institute for their commitment and dedication to the continued success of the beauty industry in Jamaica!


Find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DMarieInstitute

Location: Shop#4, Pulse Complex – 38a Trafalgar Rd. Kingston 10, Jamaica

Call them at: 1(876) 622-5005, 1 (876) 571-1378

Email them at: dmariecos@gmail.com



Who remembers using embroidery thread twisted and knotted in sequence to create multi coloured pieces that would then be used as friendship bracelets or attached to the zippers of your school bag? The ombre coloured threads were my favourite as it made the finished product the most amazing shades of blue, green or purple.

friendship bracelet

Jahsanbands is a more sophisticated version of that childhood pastime. Using special technology, Sonya is able to weave just about any character or phrase onto bracelets. So if your child’s favourite character is SpongeBob, two flicks of her magic wand and tahdah, SpongeBob complete with bubbles is on their wrist.

And if animated characters aren’t your thing then you can add the person’s name, a quote, a dedication….as long as it fits, it can be done.

Her original offerings were bags of all shapes, sizes and colours but she has since branched off into innovative and oh so cute products: key chains, crocheted toys (yes, toys) and my favourite…..hand woven pencil cases!

On average, it takes three (3) hours to create a bracelet, one (1) day to create a bag or pencil case depending on customization and specifications; colour combinations are endless!

All products are made from durable wool and cotton crochet thread, and are hand/machine washable with little to no colour transfer.

JahSanBands can be contacted at: (click links for info)

Tel: 876-396-9373






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Ngozi Sweet Blessing

Jamaican hand made, home made candles and soaps.

I’m about to go to bed and as I drift off, a soft aroma grazes my nose and I slip into blissful sleep.

I open my drawer and the distinct smell of Gingerbread Spice Cake greets me.

Hidden behind bottles of hair products on a shelf in the closet are Hot Buttered Rum and more Gingerbread Spice Cake.

Pumpkin Chai forms a part of my bathroom decor.

If you were thinking that I am a crazed baker, you’re wrong. In almost every part of my room there is an Ngozi Sweet Blessing candle. I forgot to mention the sample sizes in the medicine cabinet. (tee hee)

Ngozi Sweet Blessings Candle – for fragrance and decor

Ngozi Sweet Blessing candles are homemade soy wax candles made by Tonisha Ngozi. She recently made an awesome batch for my sister’s beach themed wedding and I know the guests are definitely enjoying their tokens, mostly because I am, especially when I go to sleep.

Miniature candles as wedding favors

The names of the scents are unique as you’ve already noticed and are very long-lasting. She also makes wax melts for those who like to enjoy the fragrance by itself (use with an oil burner or warmer) and organic soaps: Activated Charcoal, Coconut Milk, Moringa and Activated Charcoal with Kaolin Clay. Mine is right next to the candles on the shelf.

ngozi soaps
Homemade Organic Soaps

Coming soon: bomb body butters and luscious lip balms!

Why not take a piece of Ngozi Sweet Blessings with you today; perfect for gifts, favors and decor.

Where to find Ngozi Sweet Blessings:




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